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Smart Shower Upgrade

New technology makes it possible for shower-heads to deliver large, soft droplets of pressure-perfect water, while using less of this precious resource.


Your upgrade to the best will be fast and simple

What Is A Smart Shower?

A smart shower uses less water to
deliver the most comfortable shower you’ve ever had.

Program it to deliver the same quality experience every time, or customize the shower to suit your mood.

Free Shower-Head!

New Water Nanny Members receive a FREE
shower head upgrade! 


Set Your Temperature

Save your settings for a perfect shower every time.

Save Your Settings

Start, stop & 
pause remotely.

Use the smart phone app when you wake up to set the perfect temperature for your shower.

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How To Use the App

Smart controllers are irrigation management tools which bring the power of modern technology to each aspect of outdoor smart water solutions for lawns & gardens, ensuring they receive the perfect amount of water at the right time.

You'll spend 3 full days in it this year. Make it a smart shower.

Connect & Control

Control your shower settings from

your mobile device. 

Save Your Settings


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