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Water Is Data

Your new smart yard will adjust digitally in real time to provide the exact amount of water your yard and garden needs, without waste or extra work.


Consumers, homeowners,

property managers,
device manufacturers,

software developers,

smart home colleagues,

water boards,

public officials


Retrofitting indoor and outdoor water systems to maximize efficiency and convenience through the latest available technology



Remotely monitoring irrigation and leak detection systems ensuring instant response for repairs or maintenance.

We Educate

Our job is to empower segments of society withcritical information so water does not become a nationalemergency.

Water rates are not coming down. A national brand offering water technology services can help private, public and commercial water users bring down costs and improve water conservation.  


Consumers need an understanding of how to manage water. Homeowners need help managing smart-water technology. Property managers need a reliable partner in upgrading and monitoring their units. Device manufacturers need collaboration with a national installer network. Software developers need integration with customer habits. Smart home
companies need to prioritize smart water. Water Boards and governments need to track community water data, and more effectively engage with citizens.


Water Nanny is the first company to offer comprehensive services that cover these needs. Education on how to conserve, budget and manage water usage is key.

We Install

1-800-SAVE-WATER, Inc. has partnered with the world's leading smart home technology manufacturers to
install & service their products conveniently at your home.

Our certified Smart Water Technicians install third party hardware at residences,
multifamily, and commercial locations.

We Monitor

Through a combination of third party & proprietary software, our certified Smart Water Technicians monitor customers outdoor & indoor water systems for performance, maintenance & efficiency.

The monitoring service ensures customers are getting value from technology and eliminating water waste.

Corporate Mission

Consumers are demanding efficiency in resource management and lifestyle customization.


Water is the most precious resource in
every home, and no longer being taken for granted. Household penetration of smart home devices will double over the next 24


1-800-SAVE-WATER believes that water technology is the soul of smart homes. Water Nanny is the first service to offer full smart-water technology installation and monitoring.

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