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Preventing Problems

Pipes aren't perfect. New technology can identify leaks immediately & shut down water so that costly FLOODS DON'T HAPPEN.

Protect Your Entire Home from Water Damage & Leaks 

How Does Leak Prevention Work?

Leak prevention utilizes sensors to detect irregular water flow and automatically shuts off water via remote control. The daily maintenance tests alert our system prior to leaks.

Leaks cause more damage
than fires, with 15,000 claims every day.


Water Nanny installs and monitors remote sensors that

prevent, identify & interrupt leaks.

Hardware Units

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Protect Your Entire Home 
from Water Damage & Leaks 

With Smart Water Leak Detection Technology, 60% of
homeowners & property managers immediately discover a leak
they didn’t know they had.

How To Use the App

Smart controllers are irrigation management tools which bring the power of modern technology to each aspect of outdoor smart water solutions for lawns & gardens, ensuring they receive the perfect amount of water at the right time.

Plumbing doesn’t last forever. 
Don’t wait until you suffer water damage.

Amazon Alexa™ & Google Home® Compatible

Install the app & check your water usage. Everything you need to monitor and control your water system is done from the mobile app.

Water Data at Your Fingertips
Monitor and Control Remotely


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