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It's Time To Work

Every home and building in America
needs a smart water upgrade.

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A study by the Cleantech Network showed that up to 500,000 new jobs in ecologically responsible trades at every income level will blossom in
the next 3 years.

Smart home technology is only as good as the team of people ensuring the customer is satisfied.


Smart Water Technician is a new occupation that combines technical skill, manual labor and customer interaction.Becoming a Smart Water Technician represents an opportunity for a new generation of professionals to earn a great living while contributing something positive towards an eco-friendly economy.

The responsibility of our Smart Water Technicians begins with the initial installation of indoor and outdoor technology at homes and buildings. The installation of hardware takes place followed by the customization of software. The customer is then guided through the system so they have a general understanding of how everything works.The preferences for the software are set and the customer selects the level of monitoring they would like our membership service to provide for them. Our Smart Water Technicians exhibit expertise with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Become A Technician

Call 1-800-SAVE WATER today, chat now, or fill out an email form.
This is an opportunity to capitalize on the inevitable need to manage water use as cost of living increases and water rates rise.There is no more important function in society than efficient water use, and soon the nation will not have the luxury to take it for granted. Our thousands of Smart Water Technicians across the country will serve a critical function of making smart water technology useful for millions of Americans.

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