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We Bring Smart Water 

Technology To Life!

Out With The Old, IN WITH THE NEW

Remote control

& monitoring

Instant adjustment

by an expert

24/7/365 support

Up to 40% cost savings

We’ve partnered with the world's best technology companies to deliver

the most comprehensive smart

home water management

system in the world.

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works with alexa.png

Hard to use

Wastes money


Wastes time

Technology & Great Service

Will End The Water Crisis.

Customized & Monitored

Customized & Monitored

Smart Home Water Management


Experts monitoring your benefits & cost savings

Prevention of costly flooding

Smart & efficient showers

Water waste reduction, resulting in 40% cost savings & local compliance

Plants & gardens watered digitally based on forecast.

1-800-SAVE-WATER Club Card Discounts

from dozens of retailers.

You need smart water technology.

Water Nanny makes it easy and simple!

Want to save 40% on your water while having the most amazing water technology in the world?

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